1. Welcome to our official Tumblr, where we share things we’re officially excited about.

    Fashion folks tend to be hoarders—forever squirreling away inspiring tear sheets, designer look books, calligraphied invites, assorted runway show ephemera, grosgrain ribbons monogrammed with big name fashion houses, coasters emblazoned with hotel crests, and the like. (Witness my own pack rat behavior, above and below. And that’s just 1/17th of my desk.)

    And now, instead of just filing away our favorite things—be they photos, names, places, trends, styles or any other random treasure—for a rainy day, we’ll be sharing them here, with you. Please enjoy.

    Top to bottom: “Mademoiselle” sticker from Lagerfeld’s Mademoiselle: Coco Chanel / Summer 62 book, seat placard from a Lanvin show, Topshop bug pin and yes, that’s a real, live rolodex.

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